Cotton Balls and Sweet Dreams

Cotton Balls and Sweet Dreams

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Everything has happened in the limbo of history + Established to be a settler + The body sovereignty returned to you in a dream + I touched my skin in a shattered dream + It was so soft +A glitchy render of my face + it becomes an image + Sticky + Layered + Double lives + Put the leash on and ripped off the ground for the whole night + The sun rises + Take me back + I cuddle the 3 years old body of mine in a transitional state of consciousness + I soaked my finger with a teardrop + I slept again in my twin bed

Cotton ball and Sweet Dreams consists of a publication, a prop installation and a short video (2021). The project explores the intimate memories from my childhood in perspective of a shattered dream. A dream of family, forbidden loves, uneatable things, a stranger's touch and stories with a hint of a scent.

Video: Fatemeh Kazemi (afimoh_____)

Sound: Mohammadreza Golami

Fatemeh Kazemi
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