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Desired Outcomes

A waiting room, a waiting list, a bed. In a hetero-patriarchal, capitalist framework that values wellness and productivity above all, those living in chronically ill or disabled bodies often find themselves in anonymised, medicalised settings, ‘positioned as unreliable narrators of their own symptoms and health’.

This programme of moving image work, curated by artist Annie Crabtree and featuring their film Tell me, how do I feel?, imagines alternative modes of collective care and individual agency via the racial and queer politics of the sick body. Films by artists Panteha Abareshi, R A Walden and Leah Clements examine processes of medical bureaucracy, self-administered treatment, bodily augmentation and the temporality of ‘crip-time’; projecting visions of communal dreaming and alternative modes of healing.

Followed by a panel discussion.

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