Getting Close To Nothing + Live Bands

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Getting Close To Nothing + Live Bands

A rare screening of Getting Close to Nothing, a 1994 VHS video zine documenting London’s DIY music scene via lo-fi gig footage, music videos and interviews; a record of a pre-Britpop era when riot grrrls were to the front. Bikini Kill’s visit to the UK in 1992 was the catalyst for artists like Huggy Bear (who released a split record with Bikini Kill and started a riot on Channel Four’s youth TV show The Word), Mambo Taxi and Sister George, while diverse cultural identities were explored by Cornershop and Voodoo Queens.

Accompanied by a panel hosted by music journalist (and band member of The Priscillas and Monks tribute band Ye Nuns) Kate Hodges, with filmmakers Nick Abrahams, Mikey Tomkins, Delia Sparrow (Mambo Taxi) and Debbie Smith (Echobelly, Curve). Performing live: Breakup Haircut and Sassyhiya.

Sassyhiya are real-life as well as musical partners Kathy Wright and Helen Skinner. Shortly after meeting at a Rollerderby game (where Kathy was skating for the amazingly named “Ultraviolent Femmes” team), the couple had their first date at an Austra show in 2011 and have been bonded in music ever since. After Helen finished playing bass in Boys Forever and Basic Plumbing (much missed Veronica Falls musician Patrick Doyle’s final projects), the couple joined with friends Bart McDonagh and Mark Amura to create the cult South London LGBT band Barry. Now a full live band, Helen and Kathy are joined by Pablo Paganotto on drums and Neiloy Mookherjee on guitar. Sitting in the sweet spot between post-punk and indie pop, Sassyhiya know their way around a melody but still keep it wonky.

Breakup Haircut are a sometimes-pop-sometimes-punk band called Breakup Haircut (FFO: blink-182, Worriers, Mountain Goats). They got together for First Timers Fest 2019, a festival where every band debuts. They’ve since been playing shows, making pals and solving mysteries left and right. BH’s music is defined by humorously relatable lyrics, boppin’ basslines, and fierce, melodic hooks - and some very nice things have been said by quite a lot of people about their first release, What Did You Expect? I Got It Off The Internet! - landing them slots with Big Joanie, Wales Goes Pop!, Bigfoot Fest, Decolonise Fest, Loud Women Fest V, and more. Their debut album, Punk Dancing For Self Defence, dropped in July 2022 to warmth and praise.

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