Incorporating the Archive


Incorporating the Archive

As we look to cinema as a vital artform for documenting our collective stories and histories, archive material often becomes an essential part of preserving the existence and significance of these stories.

Archive isn’t just used for historical storytelling - sometimes the most impactful filmmaking subtly weaves footage and imagery to evoke the wide range of emotions and perspectives brought forward by nostalgia. How to make an impact with the use of archive footage in your filmmaking? And more importantly, how do you clear the rights for the elusive film clip that brings it all together?

We speak to filmmakers who have successfully navigated the use of archive in their films, and industry experts on best practice of accessing resources, curating, clearing rights and folding it all into your filmmaking. Hosted by Rachel Pronger (Invisible Women) with panelists Esther Johnson (Filmmaker) and Hussina Raja (Filmmaker).

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