m a t e k o i + Richard Fearless DJ Set

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m a t e k o i + Richard Fearless DJ Set

m a t e k o i are audio-visual duo Maxim Barron (Toy, Patent Saints) and visual artist Daisy Dickinson. A combination of strobing visuals and live electronics triggers a bizarre hallucinatory dreamscape, “which left many feeling like they had a close encounter”.

Three immersive performances throughout the night using a variety of electronic, electro acoustic and live techniques including strobing and feedback with an aim to elevate and induce heightened states.

Using projection mapping and live triggered light, m a t e k o i perform from within a cubic structure surrounded by frames and string. Moving sound and visuals around the space, giving the audience an other-worldly, multi sensory experience. Hypnotic. Strobe-soaked and sonically spatialised. m a t e k o i inhabits the space between.

Accompanied by a DJ set by Richard Fearless.

Richard Fearless, DJ/producer/musician/visual artist’s sets are marked not by one genre, but a signature sound; a commonality and cohesive narrative that runs throughout multiple music. Fearless began as resident DJ at the Job Club in London’s Soho during the 1990s, where he’d play alongside Claude Young, Derrick May, Dave Angel and Andrew Weatherall. After a few years he was picked as a resident for the legendary Heavenly Social. He has remixed Yoko Ono, Conny Plank, the Horrors, Ike Yard, Big Youth and Tikiman. While Fearless’ DJ sets and his Death in Vegas output have typically fallen into different genres, over the last few years he has begun to knit the two more closely together.

Since 2014, Fearless has ran his own label Drone and released tracks and remixes by the likes of Chris & Cosey, DJ Richard, Legowelt, Silent Servant, D’Marc Cantu, Gabe Gurnsey (Factory Floor) and Rudolf Klorzieger (Dopplereffekt).

ICA Theatre
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