T A P E Presents: It’s a Trance, It’s a Dance

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T A P E Presents: It’s a Trance, It’s a Dance

Where there’s dancing and music, the community isn’t far away. In this eclectic celebration of trances, dances, raves and moves we see troupes and powerful duos in safe, inclusive spaces; dance as a battleground, as a place for shedding and self-expression.

Dance communities everywhere celebrate the music, the individual, and the collective; a culture that defiantly carves out its own space in a world that threatens to crush and confine artistic expression. These communities also make space for communal grieving and loss, rebelling against appropriation and gentrification. With every hand wave and hair flip, we shake off our doubts and look toward motivation and freedom of self-expression.

Whether you know all the steps or blame your dodgy coordination on the difficult choreography, all are welcome to join us for a dance party after the screening with a live DJ.

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