The Universe Is A Haunted House (Repeat)

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The Universe Is A Haunted House (Repeat)

“Whistle and I'll come to you my lad…” - Coil

Be forewarned, this isn’t a horror programme, at least not in the conventional sense - but don’t venture too far into the woods. These films creep around the edge of reality, of the shadowy figure outlined in the doorway, the unfurling of a mysterious scroll. Following on from our summer Eye Rituals programme at ICA, we’ve curated a further series of mystic visions and surreal psychic excursions.

Mind-bending, enchanting psychedelia from Peter Strickland and Susanne Deeken meet underground fairytales and an ode to Dario Argento. Surrender your senses to a programme that harks back to 70s folk horror, the art of Leonora Carrington and Ovid’s Metamorphosis.

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