Gamze Şanlı


Tuesday 13th December, 2022

Gamze Şanlı

Selection Committee Member

Gamze Şanlı is a multidisciplinary artist and performer. Her craft weaves stories centred around socio-politics, ancestral remembrance, nostalgic fantasy, poetic horror, mythology and magic. Projects that she has collaborated on and/or performed in vary from experimental theatre to independent film and documentary.

She is currently working on some experimental short films, and is a member of the Documentarist and MENA film festival teams. As an artist her work combines embroidery, collage and illustration. Şanlı is also a founding member of the multilingual folk music collective ‘Janatolia’, and is the art and activism director of the SWANA collective Full Potential. Having worked in Erbil and Istanbul she is now based in London.

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